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 My family and I will be delighted to host you in Omhom and introduce you to the hills overlooking the Gulf of Poets with their windy but shady footpaths. We can show you the best routes and, if you like, we can take a relaxing walk along them together.

For convenience, we refer to the “interior” and “exterior” of Omhom, but really we consider it as one and we believe the experience gained, both inside and out, to be unique and memorable.

(Luca – the owner)


Enters omhom

You can taste the wines and exquisite delicacies of small scale producers of wines, cheeses and oils: they are all our friends and we will tell you about them while you are discovering just how amazing genuine food can taste!
We provide tranquillity, relaxation and privacy, not to mention books, films and relaxation in the Spa and warmth of the sauna.

En plein air

Discover the surroundings of omhom

Prepare yourself to discover the wonders of the Gulf of Poets.
There are also sailing excursions, made available by our friends of the local sailing school, Velagiovane.
If you haven’t yet got your sea legs, you might feel happier exploring the hidden valleys of Lunigiana in foot, among the rocky Apuan Alps and the green meadows of the Apennines.
Your breath will be taken away by the majestic marble quarries of Carrara and you can dive into the sea from secluded sandy coves. At Omhom, our rapport with the sea is never conditioned by others, still less by seasonal changes.

Remember: YOU are the protagonist and YOU CHOOSE.