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You can taste the wines and exquisite delicacies of small scale producers of wines, cheeses and oils: they are all our friends and we will tell you about them while you are discovering just how amazing genuine food can taste!

We provide tranquillity, relaxation and privacy, not to mention books, films and relaxation in the Spa and warmth of the sauna.


Breakfast is included by Omhom and will be set out between 8:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. in the dining area, in front of the great fireplace in Vico Porta.
The breakfast menu will have been previously agreed with our guests and we will try to satisfy your specific requirements.
A seasonal buffet will always be provided, in line with our philosophy, from a selection of the specialties of local small-scale producers, true artisans of taste, more friends than suppliers, with whom we have, over the years, established mutually advantageous relations.
So you will savour Pierpaolo’s cheeses from alpine pastures, Elena’s goat cheeses, Mirco’s cured meats, and bio- yoghurts from the Val di Vara.


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Your stay includes access to the infrared Finnish sauna and Spa, open all day.
Relax in the rays of the sauna and pamper yourself in the soft hub Jacuzzi with hot water; then move on to the energising and invigorating emotional shower in the Water Room, reached through the dining area.
You can stretch out on the chaises longues and listen to your own choice of music.*

*Omhom is not a hotel and you will not be subject to a set of rules and restrictions. We only ask you to kindly advise us in advance of the times in which you would prefer to use the Spa so that each guest may enjoy his/her own privacy.


Apart from being a guest house with top quality hospitality and suites, Omhom is also a Club: in fact, once a week, members of the Club meet in the dining space, in front of the open fireplace in Vico Porta, in order to enjoy a gourmet meal.
Each dinner is dedicated to a particular theme: an encounter with a local producer, a particular method of cooking, the preparation of bread and of the local speciality from Pontremoli, a kind of flatbread cooked in “testi”, during the corn harvest….. and many other events to be found by consulting our programme, or by contacting us directly.
Participation in Omhom Experience events is reserved for invited guests only. If you are a guest of Omhom and you have booked one or both of our Suites, and there is a scheduled event on, then you will automatically be admitted: confirm your participation and reserve your seat.

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A delicious aperitif will be on offer in the dining area, in front of the great fireplace, in Vico Porta, from the early evening onwards. Let yourself be guided by our sommelier and expert chef and you will be delighted to savour one of the rare wines from our cellar, accompanied by Mirco’s ham or one of Pierpaolo’s tasty alpine cheeses




This activity takes place at the same time as the aperitif but goes somewhat deeper into the discovery of both wines and olive oils.
We shall propose a selection of wines from our cellar, chosen by our expert sommelier and chef, accompanied by a special selection of foods designed to complement them.
We shall describe the wines to you and tell you all about how they are produced and by whom.
For all those who are curious to discover the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, Luca will be happy to provide you with a selection of the very best pure virgin olive oils that he uses in his own cuisine. You can discover the passion and skill that our friends and oil producers will be happy to share with you.


(On request. Must be booked in advance).
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As guests of our Suites, you can book a private cold supper for yourselves consisting of seasonal specialities, carefully selected on the advice of our local producers.


(On request. Must be booked in advance).


Try it yourself! Guided by the chef, you will be able to rediscover the pleasurable sensations of cooking with your own hands. And you will learn how to prepare certain traditional dishes.
This is not a “lesson”, but rather an “experience” of rediscovery: you will enjoy yourself while exploring aromas, flavours and methods of preparation, using both old and modern cooking techniques.
In the evening, you will dine on what you earlier made together.


(On request. Must be booked in advance).