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Outside Omhom, prepare yourself to discover the wonders of the Gulf of Poets.
There are also sailing excursions, made available by our friends of the local sailing school, Velagiovane.
If you haven’t yet got your sea legs, you might feel happier exploring the hidden valleys of Lunigiana in foot, among the rocky Apuan Alps and the green meadows of the Apennines.
Your breath will be taken away by the majestic marble quarries of Carrara and you can dive into the sea from secluded sandy coves.
At Omhom, our rapport with the sea is never conditioned by others, still less by seasonal changes.

Remember: YOU are the protagonist and YOU CHOOSE!


The territory of our area is highly varied, the paradise of lovers of walking in the open air.
You will be amazed by our hidden routes: begin by walking along the pathways starting from the Omhom doors and follow them into the woods and the surrounding hills.
You will come across the enchanted old settlements of the Apuo-Ligurian tribes; then let yourself be captivated by the old medieval villages, many of which are still inhabited, and by the slopes with their incomparable views over the bay of the Gulf of Poets.
Take a ferryboat to the nearby Cinque Terre, five picturesque little fishing villages, with their steep terraced vineyards, buttressed by stone walls, going down to the cliffs. Alternatively, walk along the higher paths: the Apuan Alps are just a step away, with their majestic summits, their slopes covered by century-old chestnut trees and their crests from whence you will get unusual views over the sea.
We can suggest the best hiking routes and can organise hikes, of varying degrees of difficulty, accompanied by expert guides.

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what does the kind of corn used by our ancestors taste like? What does freshly milked goat milk really taste like? You can discover these flavours —and many others—at Omhom.
Let us accompany you through a universe populated by artisans of taste. Book a visit to rediscover good food: there’s David who still grinds his grains on an old grindstone in a windmill: or Elena, with her herd of 60 goats, who makes the best goat cheeses in the region; or, again. Andrea, a true philosopher, who “listens” to his vines and is always rewarded with lively and emotion-giving wines.

At Omhom, we firmly believe that in order to know a territory you need to get to know its inhabitants, the people who live there, who work the land, support it and make it what it is. Only then will you really appreciate its peculiar character and your heart and senses will be touched forever.

(On Request. must be booked in advance.)


Every morning, on opening the windows of your room here at Omhom, you will see the sea.
But to change your perspective, we at Omhom suggest you take a boat to visit the Gulf of Poets, the Cinque Terre or even the islands of the Tuscan archipelago.
We have another card up our sleeves: our friends at Velagiovane will help you to discover this land…. from the sea.
We can organise excursions in sailing boats and you will be able to experience our sea in the most authentic way.
You can book a boat in advance in order to fully enjoy a maritime adventure in complete relaxation and privacy.


(on request. must be booked in advance.)
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Nearby Carrara is world famous for its White Gold: marble. Michelangelo, Canova and many other famous sculptors came here to acquire it for works which are renowned in the history of art.
Marble working still proceeds today in the numerous sculpture workshops, in the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts, which attracts students from all over the world… and in the majestic quarries, from whence it comes.

You can book a guided tour by jeep into the mountains to discover marble for yourself and, down in the town itself, you can visit a famous sculpture studio which has recently been included in Unesco’s “World Heritage” List.


(on request. must be booked in advance.)


OMHOM is strategically placed for all sea lovers: within easy reach you can find the long sandy beach of Marinella, extending beyond the Northern border of Tuscany and into Versilia; then there is the rocky promontory of Bocca di Magra and Montemarcello and the sheltered bays of Lerici and San Terenzo, Fiascherino and Tellaro, with their secluded rocks; you cannot fail to fall in love with Portovenere and the island of Palmaria, both of which can be reached by boat or ferry; while the Cinque Terre, which are difficult to reach by land down steep narrow roads, are easily reached by sea, by train, and (in the low tourist season) by car.
Our experience is entirely at your disposal to help you get the most out of your stay and to make it truly unforgettable.

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Why restrict yourself to admiring art when you can create it for yourself?
Here at Omhom, the Gulf is not only for Poets…it is also for artists.

Take your time over a gourmet breakfast and then set off to spend a day with local artist Luca Vezzano who will accompany you to the most picturesque views around Omhom, and then, brushes and watercolours in hand, you will learn yourself how to paint the views, details and everything that enchants you about your surroundings.
Immerge yourself in the colours and stories of the fishing village of Tellaro with its legends of the sea and where the waves break against the bell tower; alternatively, take your materials along the walk between Lerici and San Terenzo which nurtured the Romantic poets; or, again, take a boat to the island of Palmaria, opposite the wonderful promontory of Portovenere.
The artist will accompany you to discover locations and shades that will make this experience entirely memorable: just as you like it.


(on request. must be booked in advance.)