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Omhom is not just a Boutique Guest House. Above all, it corresponds to our vision of a convivial meeting place.



The large salon on the ground floor of Vico Porta is the ideal stage for the evenings of the Experience Club, Omhon’s gourmet club.

Each event on the programme represents a unique opportunity to make and share new discoveries.

The leitmotivs of the Experience Club are narration, storytelling, the pleasure of food, the joy of hospitality and well-being.

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Dinners at the Experience Club will provide the chance to discover tastes from the past and the forgotten gestures used to create them: all accompanied by chalices of wine, by music, artists and craftsmen who normally jealously guard their secrets, but who are willing to share them with the Omhom Club and to tell their stories.

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Participation in Omhom Experience events is reserved for invited guests only. If you are a guest of Omhom and you have booked one or both of our Suites, and there is a scheduled event on, then you will automatically be admitted: confirm your participation and reserve your seat.

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Discover the Omhom Experience Club programme in order to discover forthcoming events, dates and times.
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Are you an artist, craftman or producer?
Contact Omhom to take part as producer or performing artist in the Experience Club evenings!