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OMHOM: a Guest House, a convivial place to stay, combining luxury with an everyday atmosphere.

A place where hospitality is the key word, where you can rediscover your senses and acquire greater awareness of your inner self and the natural beauties with which you are surrounded.

But also a place where you can meet other open-minded people and celebrate the joys of friendship and conviviality.

At Omhom we don’t have customers: we have welcome guests.


Today, driven by a constant sense that time is running out, we do everything so hastily without really finding the opportunity to savour what Life offers. Even when choosing a holiday, we tend to jump at the first hotel that seems to appeal to us or the first B&B that strikes us from among the various “boxes” at our disposal.
Omhom’s philosophy is quite the reverse: the guest who chooses an Omhom holiday is one who wants to be the protagonist of his/her own dream, one who wants to explore genuine sensations at his/her own pace. We can provide you with a “Once upon a time” fairytale holiday: only here, YOU will go on to tell the story yourself!


Omhom’s luxury is not to be found in gilded plasterwork, but rather in the range of the precious sensorial experiences that it offers its guests. Omhom is not just a Boutique Bed and Breakfast with 5 star concierge services, but also –and above all—a dimension in which the natural rhythm of life is held sacred. Here, our guests can slowly savour each and every one of the five senses in his/her own time and at his/her own pace.


Omhom is a romantic Bed & Breakfast. Apart from the Spa in which to relax, every object in the suites has a story to tell: the linen sheets, from the family trousseau, the polished wood of the lamps, made by local craftsmen, which warmly light up the space, not to mention the open fire in each room, the flames dancing before your very eyes, to pamper your senses.


It is impossible to talk about OmHom without connecting the Guest House experience with the pleasure of food. Among the five senses, those of smell and taste are the ones we find most tempting. This is exactly what Omhom’s Experience Club was founded for: to rediscover the traditions of genuine food, prepared according to timeless traditions, summoning the intense flavours and aromas of the past. The proprietor, Luca, an experienced top chef and sommelier, will release the bouquets from wines chosen from the cellar; then he will surprise you with delicious dishes, cooked in terracotta and copper pans over the open fire in the dining area. Your meal will be an explosion of the taste buds, based on the best products of small local producers, always chosen, as in the past, for fullness and intensity of flavour. If you like, you can knead the bread yourself from the dough made with stone ground flour. Let yourself go and enjoy the experience of making tasty bread with the same ritual gestures used by bygone generations.


“Omhom has been created from a seed that I nurtured inside me as I was growing up and which is now coming to fruition. From my very first sommelier course, I have always been bewitched by the romantic aspect of wine and by the human stories behind its creation. Storytelling has always fascinated me, defining my character and has marked my entire culinary career. It is thanks to the stories of many others –the winemakers, sommeliers and top class chefs with whom I trained– that I became what I am today, a fully qualified sommelier and chef de cuisine.
Inspired by the famous Caffè Michelangiolo in Florence, frequented by artists and intellectuals, I dreamed of a place that would celebrate conviviality and friendship.
The Omhom Experience Club represents this dream: a place in which open-minded people can meet and enjoy the very highest standards of hospitality: a convivial place in which people can get to know one another, experience and discover sensations and share emotions. The idea of bringing the narrow alleys of Trebiano back to life was born here and it was but a short step from the Experience Club to the creation of the Omhom guest house from whence visitors could go from house to house, to explore the traditions of the past and meet those who have inherited them. The cordial hospitality that lies at the core of Omhom is thereby extended into the surrounding territory and our guests can discover the magic atmosphere of how things used to be for themselves.
You will never fail to be surprised by what Omhom and the area have to offer.
It’s at your fingertips….at the turn of a key.”


The crowning of our dream would not have been possible without the passion and talent of Alberto Ratti, friend, set and interior designer, who teamed up with the highly skilled Giuseppe Palermo, to help us to put Omhom together.
Thanks, too, to Fabio and Daniele of Legno Design for their passion and competence; Mara Mastrosanti was responsible for the artistic and imaginative lighting scheme throughout. Last but not least, our thanks to all the craftsmen who allowed our dream to take shape and become what it is today.