Omhom's philosophy

The hamlet Home by Home

The luxury atmosphere, the simplicity of everyday life

A Boutique Bed & Breakfast, a Convivio, a small charming inn with the atmosphere of luxury and the simplicity of everyday life. A space where you can find and rediscover yourself and where to make new acquaintance. We believe in friendship, in sincere relationships, in the desire to meet. In Omhom there are no customers, but only welcome guests.

The magic

of Once Upon a Time

The pleasure of feeling like a protagonists

Those who choose Omhom want to be protagonist of a tale, immerse themselves in a different dimension, made of genuine experiences, refined and a little dreamy.

Those tales that start with “Once upon a time” and continue as you wish.

The luxury

of five senses

The rediscovery of slow life and the magic of small things

The luxury of Omhom lies in the preciousness of the sensations. Omhom is not only a Boutique Bed and Breakfast, with 5-star Conciergerie services, but also (and above all) a dimension where the human rhythm is sacred. A home where you can slowly savor all the five senses can tell you.

A Bed & Breakfast

secluded and romantic

A refinement
out of time

Omhom is a romantic Bed and Breakfast. In addition to the SPA where you can relax in a secluded corner, every fabric, every piece of furniture has its history and is designed to create an enveloping and timeless atmosphere. A private fireplace in each suite will make your space even warmer, more romantic and more welcoming.

The sense of taste

genuine and original

Smell and taste
at the first place

Among the 5 senses, taste and smell are the ones that excite us the most. Omhom researches just this: genuine and original experiences to recover the traditions of food, prepared with the fragrance of an ancient time. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the scent of the wine selected by our Sommelier, you will be amazed with delicious recipes, cooked on the flame of the fireplace and, if you wish, you can discover how to prepare some dishes together following traditional recipes. Let yourself be conquered.

Everything comes from the idea

of Luca Palmero Scatena

“Omhom has been created from a seed that I nurtured inside me as I was growing up and which is now coming to fruition. From my very first sommelier course, I have always been bewitched by the romantic aspect of wine and by the human stories behind its creation.

Storytelling has always fascinated me, defining my character and has marked my entire culinary career. It is thanks to the stories of many others – the winemakers, sommeliers and top class chefs with whom I trained – that I became who I am today, a fully qualified sommelier and chef de cuisine.

Inspired by the famous Caffè Michelangiolo in Florence, attended by artists and intellectuals, I dreamed of a place that would celebrate conviviality and friendship.

Building a nest where you can celebrate the highest form of hospitality: being able to meet, discover, learn. The project to revive the narrow alley of the ancient village of Trebiano has materialized here.

I so strongly wished to bring the visitors back to the village, to start a hospitality system that would be able to take them “from house to house”.

Omhom has therefore become a project of widespread hospitality and diffusion of sensations: finding the beauty of “As it once was” and the magic of “Once upon a time”, I want to ensure that my guests never get tired of discovering and never stop wondering.

To do so, you will just need to turn a key. “

The restoration

A meticulous
and passionate restoration

I wish to thank Alberto Ratti, friend, scriptwriter and interior decorator, for the precious restoration work. His passion and skills, together with the mastery of Giuseppe Palermo, made the creation of Omhom possible. Thanks to Fabio and Daniele from Legno Design, for their dedication and competence. Thanks also to our kind friend Mara Mastrosanti, who, with her talent and her art, literally lit up the house and to all the other artisans, who allowed Omhom to take shape.