Suspended stay

The economy of giving in hospitality

A radically new, old-fashioned Hospitality

“We are all “entangled” in a wonderful, mysterious and intricate pattern and like in a spider’s web, a little touch is enough to shake everything. So let’s make it a gentle touch.”

We value kindness and attention to the guest as our guiding principles, and we aim to foster a sense of serenity and comfort in our two suites, a welcoming refuge from the frenzy of everyday life.

We strive to restore a sincere human relationship between host and guest, one that is not solely based on an economic exchange: an authentic relationship which is emotionally, psychologically and culturally involving and satisfying. 

We see travel as an important opportunity to meet the “New”, the “Other”, which holds in itself the potential of a life-changing experience. We think traveling is a privilege, and as such it entails responsibility.

The least we can do is abandon the vision that portrays the journey as a consumer product and go back to thinking about it, living it, as an experience that makes us rediscover the flavor of adventure, that pushes us back to explore the unknown and above all all this stimulates us to merge with the “different”.

The magic of

"once upon a time"

We are at the dawn of a revolution that sees travel as an important means of Change for ourselves and for the entire world, and it is our responsibility to participate in this change. We will understand the new perspective with which to look at the world, when we begin to search for “Joy” and not “Pleasure”.

We need more conscious travellers, as much as  we need more conscious and welcoming hosts.

For these reasons, when we started Omhom in 2018 we chose an “old-fashioned”  approach to hospitality: we welcome our guests in our home, taking responsibility for their well-being for the time that they choose to spend with us. This way we hope to give back to Hospitality the sacred dimension it once had.

To invigorate our vision, in 2021 we are introducing the “Suspended Stay” program – a new path we aim to walk side by side with our guests, designed to restore value and dignity to travel and encounters.

"The suspended stay"

the path step by step

Travel Design:
a tailor-made stay

What do you expect from this trip? How do you imagine your stay in Omhom? What are the aspects of a trip that fascinate you the most? For what reasons did you choose our region as a destination?

We will try to make you feel “at home”: since your first email we would like to be able to listen to your point of view. By getting to know us better, we can help you plan a stay more suited to your needs, we will be able to exchange emails, messages, also organize a pre-trip web-call to talk about it together. Each place can be seen from different angles, each person sees, hears, feels, according to one’s own sensitivity. It will be a pleasure for us to show you the region from ours point of view but according to your sensitivity.

The Gift:
Transformational Travel Journal

Why give a travel diary as a gift? Because “He who returns from a journey is not the same as he who left”.

This ancient Chinese proverb perfectly expresses the idea that underlies Omhom’s philosophy, travel can truly be an experience that can change and enrich our life.

The Transformational Travel Journal is the guide we have chosen to help us make your trip that experience. We are not gurus! We do not claim to be the proponents of the spiritual or personal growth of our guests, but we believe that travel and encounters are powerful tools, our commitment is to use them in the best possible way. 

Gift Economy:

To invite people to travel more!

The logic is the same as the caffè sospeso (“suspended coffee”), a social practice which originated in the city of Naples and is now spreading to other Italian cities: traditionally in Naples, where the ritual of having coffee at the bar is considered very important and somehow a matter of dignity, it is considered fair to pay, in addition to yours, an extra coffee, which will allow anyone, even those who could not afford it, to be able to have their coffee at the bar.

At Omhom we will do something similar with the guests’ stay, inviting our guests to pay not for their stay but to think of their payment as a gift for someone else. We will begin this (hopefully long) chain by inviting the first guests who will accept to undertake this new path and offer them the stay, at the same time asking them to think about whether they would want to give the possibility of living a similar experience to someone else, thus choosing how much to pay for it.

Economic transparency:
Where the money goes

With guests who choose to walk the “Suspended Stay” path we will adopt a regime of economic transparency. You will then be able to see where the money you decide to invest in this experience goes. We will publish for you a table indicating Omhom’s areas of expenditure by percentage and the average cost of one room for one night.

We believe awareness is a core value. Economic transparency is a way to empathize with our guests, to approach you with a gesture of openness and responsibility.

What You Want

gain this is about responsibility and fairness. By choosing your price, you will simultaneously gain the right to pay what you deem fair and the responsibility to determine what you think the value of our work is.

By releasing the price from the relationship between supply and demand, regulated by the market, a more personal dimension is returned to the economic transaction which becomes a useful tool for creating an exchange of values between two responsible subjects and, consequently, it is possible

establish which values we want to take into consideration.

For example, knowledge, human relationships, psychophysical well-being, etc.

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